May the force be with….Paris?

The rumour mill has been rapidly speculating on the possibility of a Star Wars overhaul in Disneyland Paris.

So what could we expect?

From the very first drawings of the Disney resort being built in Paris, the idea of a Star Wars land was high on the list. Initially Space Mountain had been drawn as a death star. Today we shouldn’t expect Space Mountain to see a re-brand but we could expect some already existent buildings to renovated.

Pizza Planet could be up for the chop, changing its overall theme from one of Toy Story to one of Mos Esiley’s Cantina (along with rather annoying backdrop music) would prove to be a hit with fans. Now that Disney owns the license to Star Wars the cost of a restaurant conversion could be had for just a tad under a million euros. Less if they hold the current chairs and tables in place.

Captain EO since its been used for the last time could be converted into a Jedi Academy where you reverse the process of the attraction. Some time spent in the cinema portion first learning what its like to be a Jedi, before going into the current staging area, to meet up with Darth Vader and show yourself to be the ultimate Jedi.

Blue sky thinking to the stuff they already have in place.

So what’s the hold up?

Star Wars is a hot topic for Disney just now and in the near future it’ll heat up with every passing day. Casting has been called for the next set of three Star Wars movies directed by JJ Abrams.

Strictly speaking the next “upgrade” to Star Wars land should be the second edition of Star Tours -> The Adventure Continues! However this is rumoured to cost around €50m, and that money could be better spent improving the Walt Disney Studio’s park.

Dreams extended takes us to the end of September this year, October is promised to be a much expanded celebration of Halloween, which then throws us into Mickeys Magical Bonfire in November (We’ll be there reporting live!) before the very same weekend starting the Christmas celebration (again, we’re there live on day 1!). Finally stumbling into 2014, Dreams will continue according to several sources and we have Ratatouille to see us through summer and past the end of the 20th anniversary.

After that the 2015 void emerges, what then? Presumably Star Wars! We have two new hotels under construction, along with Villages nature, so the time to convert a cinema should be too long or costly. A restaurant with a theme can be done in under a month if they properly push it. Maybe a small parade and then for not a great deal of construction time, we have a Hot Topic addition with a summer blockbuster movie to support the release.


Double marketing will be absolutely rife if they do this right. See the adventure on the big screen and LIVE the adventure in one of the Disney resorts worldwide.

Thoughts, opinions and comments, always welcome!

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