We’re back! – AECOM Figures released, DLP 5th Busiest Park in the world!

After a brief unscheduled trip and work course, I am back to blogging! Sorry for the break!

However with the break comes some rather exciting news from the latest AECOM (Data gathering) report on Global Theme Park attendance. It’s worth noting this is all speculative data sourced from multiple layers of investigation. So take it with a pinch of salt, but it’s the best we have!

So we start off pretty good with the Walt Disney Company being up around 5% taking the lions share of the market with 126 million visitors last year, spread across its world wide resorts. Especially considering thats out of a 357 million visitor pie.

Disneyland Paris gets a nice 2% bump on the year before, bringing in an extra 200,00 visitors on the year before. What would 200,000 extra daily visitors do to your finances? Potentially an extra €7 million based on average spend data from the last fiscal report.

An extra 547 guests a day, probably not the amount that Disneyland Paris had hoped that the 20th would bring. With 30,000 guests a day now on average though the resort still looks poised strong.

Disneyland Paris holds the two tops spots for attractions in Europe, with Walt Disney Studios also growing nearly 2%.

Disneyland Paris also have announced Ratatouille coming in 2014 which will feature an entire Parisian landscape including a new ride, shops and themed area. Secondly they’ve also put the plans forward for the Villages Nature, and more Disney Partner Hotels. Despite dropped onsite room rates, more friends will join in around the site.

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