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Halloween in the words of Philipe Gas (CEO Euro Disney SCA) is to be a crowning event in the Disneyland Paris calendar, being the best destination for halloween in Europe.

The problem is, us Europeans aren’t into Halloween as much as a our American counterparts, even the Asian parks have found it easier to build world class events and have them highly attended.

That as it is though, build a spectacular event and market it right and I’m sure Europe’s number one tourist destination could surely bring in the crowds! Previously we’ve had terrorific nights based in the Walt Disney Studio’s park.


Terrorific nights usually played host to the darker side of the Disney Parks adventures, set for over 12s to begin with it took a much more serious tone than the American “Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party” usually starting after park closure, it hosted haunted sounds, dark rides such as tower of terror, and Rock’n’Rollercoaster being followed by a gunshot appearance of The Headless Horseman. The park often had haunted areas with snacks and different spook zones going around. However mass appeal doesn’t seem to have grabbed.

The Disneyland Park in October play’s host to a not-so-spooky makeover, usually some halloween decorations and drapes on main street and a little bit of effort put in around Thunder Mesa, but nothing more than a light covering. Some extra meet and greets are scheduled for different halloween themed characters.

What could they do?

For halloween going forward there could be much more of a reason to be there. Terrorific nights provide a great night for those who want a lot of live entertainment and deep scares based in the security and beauty of the well crafted Disney resort. However families want to experience a much friendlier, more accessible night when they have kids. Plus with kids, you sell the adult tickets too 😉

The local population surrounding the park, and further afield by train could also conceivably be encouraged to visit an extra, unique experience that’s available only for a limited time.

So to copy the American Disney Resorts, we could easily have a few dedicated Halloween nights:
– Halloween Meet and Greets
– Dreams Halloween Tag (15 minute show? or extra scenes?)
– Trick or Treat stations
– Halloween Parade  (Fantillusion)

Meet and Greets already happen so are rather easy to introduce new but halloweeny characters.

Dreams could be extended by a few scenes to incorporate some darker tones, but the story might not cope with so much dark story, so after Dreams, a short song and dance with the 999 ghosts from the Phantom Manor, with dedicated fireworks and fountains, using the Dreams tech.

Trick or Treat is a few tents, we know Paris can pull off the perfect skills in making tents round the resort, so a few more walkthroughs with plenty sweets from the Goofy Candy Co!

Lastly Paris already has a parade that could be brought into use with a perfect good vs evil story with Fantillusion, while it would be costly for only a few nights, it avoids them needing a separate parade like Disney World. Also this could be a draw in its own right.

What are they doing?
Complete surprise. They’ve not called it a Terrorific night, so its likely a departure from what we’ve previously seen, but to what a “Disney’s Halloween Party” is, we shall just need to wait and find out on October 31st.

What would you like to see?

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