Could Lake Disney host a night event?

It’s no secret that Disneyland Paris has noise/neighbour complaints that hinder the resort from performing high altitude fireworks and prohibit it from making too much noise on a nightly basis.

It’s also no secret that Disneyland Paris has real night time entertainment issues, especially when compared to its American cousins. It also has the third issue of not being the most profitable of the Disney Resorts.

So how can Disney enhance its night offerings beside the spectacular Disney Dreams! and Buffalo Bills Wild West Dinner Show but without HUGE operating cost to the resort? [The dinner show is great but it really is a once a trip experience and Disney Dreams is sometimes over very early!]

I speculate they could utilise the fantastic man-made Lake Disney that they’ve had from day 1. How?

Disney already loves water, it loves making lakes, and it loves using lakes. Every Bonfire Night – Disneyland Paris hosts a “Mickeys Magical Bonfire” on Lake Disney for spectators to see from wherever they happen to be along the lake, and in some cases an extra perk from having a Lake View room (trade up potential!).

Video of this from

And its perfectly big for spectators! See this video walk-round from DLRP Magic!

To take it further, the Seven Seas Lagoon at Walt Disney World has the perk for early leaving park guests of the Magic Kingdom and resort guests round the lagoon in the form of the cool Electrical Water Pageant, as shown by @DisCharCentral’s photo here:

And to really show the potential for a Lake show, look at Tokyo Disney’s Fantasmic! (obviously a bit of a bigger budget than we’re talking):
Video from:

Which obviously shows what a hat shaped LED screen can do with some bubbles that project from within:

tdfImage credit

So I took a quick shot from Bing Maps (Google’s Map shows Lake Disney frozen) and looked at the logistics and frankly they have a boat dock already, they have a blank lake, they have the skill since they haul the fireworks platforms out occasionally. Lake Disney’s lights can be dimmed, and has speakers round the lake.

Potential night parade route in red.

There’s a ton of viewing space, theres a lot of water, it could even possibly go up the Rio Grande River and tie in with ALL the Disney Hotels. Nice perk for a room upgrade too – for all the hotels (even the value resorts!).

It could be built using many different components. I’d love to see the floating globes, and since Fantillusion isn’t playing maybe a small form of the Electric Water Pageant as part of the show. Quite happy without fireworks and loud noise. It could run late at night filling in some of the gap in entertainment, especially in the winter months where the parks close as early as 6/7pm.

Relatively low costs too as towing this round the Lake and projecting is rather cheap compared to Fireworks and crowd control. Illuminations at epcot has very little crowd control since the natural barrier of the lake prohibits too much silliness. Tie it in also with Light’Ears and from both trade up to Lake View Rooms and the ears could bring in some extra cash.

Just my dream for the Lake, but thought I’d share, your thoughts?

By Graeme Spence

Traveller of Disney Parks worldwide, with an absolute love for Disneyland Paris. Contact:

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