Just in: Dedicated to DLP Podcast Episode 12

Coming through the speakers today was Dedicated to DLP’s Episode 12, featuring Steve and Mark in another full on show. Today’s show comes in at just fifteen minutes under the two hour mark, but has a very in depth discussion on the recent shareholders meeting in London. (@DisCharCentral also have a brilliant first hand text account for those wanting a skim read with no discussion – make sure to click this link and read it)


The episode kicks of with a discussion on the reciprocal demise of shows in Disneyland Paris due to non-attendance/no shows on, before moving swiftly on to Mark (@FuseMP) and the second rising of the British Empire to take back Character queuing at Disneyland Paris.

Rumours on Fantillusion or Spectromagic (which on both sides of the pond people are demanding!) Personally I’d LOVE the Main Street Electric Parade back! See our post yesterday on our hopes for a water electric parade too (but thats just a dream). Dreams also staying later than September 30th, but that’s not a real surprise. See some Dreams random factoids! Also quick discussion for potential add on tags for Dreams during Halloween and Christmas.

Mark calls out the accountants and then targets Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a small world for scrap – a battle not to be missed! Some word on a third park, but YES Steve they do need to build one contractually! Hopefully not like the WDS opening. An Armageddon countdown? It’s not the worst. We tried to add its end date to the trip countdown timer, it didn’t work :/

Steve brings up the interesting topic of how to communicate no smoking inside the parks. Luckily it’s just his lack of foresight than doesn’t see the best solution that would solve it in a totally non-magic-ruining way. I mean just see the wet floor cones already:

no smoking entrance

Marvel comes up and my only thought on it would be a full Avengers Initiative land for WDS, albeit one of the biggest lands they’d ever create on the scale of Fantasyland. The possibilities are absolutely endless and the rides can be done in a much better way then Universal’s butchered attempt of sticking cardboard characters out the front of the rides across in Florida. No licensing issues to speak of in Paris!

Mark makes an startling discovery with his detective skills and keen ear. You’ll need to listen in to find out what!

In conclusion while nothing is new, its definitely a brilliant break down and analysis of the information provided at the shareholders meeting. This site started just on the back of the shareholders meeting in London, but rest assured we will do all we can when the tour of shareholder meetings once again graces the UK with its presence!

Check out the usual brilliant podcast from the guys:



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