Will Disneyland Park see more than 12 million guests this year?

In the 2012 Annual Report from Disneyland Paris they brought forward the figure of 16 million visitors to the theme parks an increase of around 400,000 on the previous year. However now that 2013 is in full swing, and Dreams is sticking around for the entire year, and is still showing daily until the end of September – how many guests will there be?

2008 and 2009 were both comfortably above 12 million visitors for Disneyland Paris’ flagship park. The Walt Disney Studio’s in 2010/2011 stole some guests, but this is likely due to the way they count visitors – first park visited per day for each guest. Disneyland Park fell to within the 10-11 million range.

TEA Figures for global theme park attendance are due in the next month or two where we will see how Disneyland Paris fairs against the global competition. Will the extended 20th celebration, new parade, meet Mickey’s theatre, and Dreams put out enough bang to draw in greater crowds?

Could the full 20th bring in a possible 16.5 million guests resort wide?

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Mr Gas, CEO of Euro Disney strongly believes in long term investment to drive results.

Ultimately they call this the start of a multi-year strategy to build on what’s been put in there for the 20th. So we can safely assume development of Dreams, as we’re already on version 2.0, soon to gain Light’Ears for summer, a new addition to the 2013 christmas cavalcade, a halloween party in October, updated cultural celebrations like the Welsh and Irish festivals using Dream’s tech, a possible update to Mickey’s Bonfire Party, before leading into 2014 with the arrival of the Rat (tiny possibility of Summer magic hours in Walt Disney Studios – a first for a long time) and then even more development on the attractions available in WDS. Exciting times for the resort.


By Graeme Spence

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