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Earlier today: Dedicated to DLP Weekly Episode 2

Earlier today the amiable Steve Riley popped his latest news and views on DLP into his second Dedicated to DLP video show.



He builds on the same format of presenting that he adopted last week, still not quite sure how he has the time to fit all this in, especially considering we’re still expecting another episode of the more than hour-long audio show.

This week he teases us with information on Dreams and its potential end to a daily show after September. However I’d personally figure for the busy christmas period we’re definitely going to see daily show’s, the resort comes to its peak at this time and the park closes early with the looming dark nights.

He discusses at short intervals on new topics that came to light this week such as the conversion of Autopia cars and presents us the time line. He also covers a good bit of background on the Disney Dreamers Everywhere information we heard about earlier this week.

We also agree on the lack of enthusiasm over this months pins and hope for a swift return to greatness for summer.

As usual Steve provides a pleasant and quick Disney fix at the end of the week before the rumour mill gets to run a-fresh next week, with plenty news over the pond, we’re certain it’s going to be a full week again.

Check out his 10 minute TV short over on the YouTube Channel:

See them on the web:
On Twitter: @DedicatedToDLP

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Weekly Roundup 1

It’s Friday and it’s 5pm so we do our first Weekly Roundup!

So far in our first week we’ve had an exciting time:

We’ve talked about EasyJet becoming a partner airline of Disneyland Paris and adding more routes, we’ve looked and analysed costings too!

We’ve taken a look at Dedicated to DLP’s First Weekly Video Show! (New one due imminently!)

Take a look at when your next trip is, with our custom trip countdown timer.

Dream along with The Disney Dreamers Everywhere, round the world dream trip.

Take a peak at the Golden Forest Club and hear our views on the future of onsite stays.

Analyse Dream’s and its numbers on the back of “The Making of Dreams”

Find out if Lake Disney be a night time event venue?

Listen in to Dedicated to DLP’s 12th Podcast and our thoughts! (New one due soon!)

Could Disneyland Park see a return to 12 million guests this DREAM year?

and finally:

We give out a prizes to some of our twitter followers! Rewards for reading and being part of the action!

Looking like a fantastic first week and looking even brighter going ahead!

See you next week, right where the magic’s at!

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21st Follower, 21st Anniversary, Free Prize!

This month Disneyland Paris celebrates its 21st Birthday!

The Resort officially opened on April 12th 1992.

To celebrate our 21st follower on Twitter! @DLRPRoundup We’d like to hand out a few free and small prizes. Firstly to celebrate our 21st follower, and secondly to thank our first follower! (Since Disney’s technically celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1st anniversary this year!)

Our first and twenty-first followers have been contacted asking if they’d like to accept 🙂



The prize is one of these Mickey inspired key rings that we found while out on our travels! Hopefully we hear back from our winners soon, so we can pop these things in the post.