2014 AGM – As it happened

Today is the start of the 2014 AGM, here’s a quick break down as it happened.

First up we got a new image of the Ratatouille section of Walt Disney Studios



This year, 3 associations are present during our GM to show their support and present their activity @FondationHPHF @Asso_NQT @restosducoeur

Bold Statements

Chairman Philippe Gas takes the floor: ‘Together we shall build the future of #DisneylandParis’ #DLPAG #AGMDLP2014

‘Our determination and our trust in #DisneylandParis are linked to the coherence of our strategic choices’ #DLPAG #AGMDLP2014

‘The cohesion of our teams and the soundness of our fundamentals allowed us to show resilience during the financial crisis’ #AGMDLP2014…

‘Over €510 million invested over 5 years in the refurbishment of our parks and hotels and in the development of our destination’ #AGMDLP2014

‘We are also completing the development of the tourist project @villagesnature with @Pierre_vacances scheduled to open in 2016‘ #AGMDLP2014

‘Our vocation is to create. We innovate. We are seen as a reference in various fields.‘ #AGMDLP2014



Ratmobile – https://twitter.com/cipy_fromcp/status/433523269615255552


The ride layout – https://twitter.com/cipy_fromcp/status/433522809202282497

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