Magic by numbers

Today we decided to show off an example of what we’ve been working on for the past month. When we launched our Queue Times app for phone and internet we decided to harness the data for the better analysis. So we’ve finally built more than two months of data and think its time to start experimenting.

You can find our stats in our Queue Times page – hit the “View Stats” link. They update automatically and more will be added as time passes.

Firstly we’ve pulled average wait time by month

month av

Secondly by hour

waits av

Obviously we’re running on limited data here, and the more we build over the course of the year will further help to make it more accurate and this is the bounce of point for us to generate even more graphs. We’re interested in what you’d like to see either comment or tweet us 🙂

The data is pulled three times an hour, averaged, stored in our stats cache. We then run a junk checker to look for any oddities (sometimes an attraction will go offline and display a negative wait to indicate this). Finally we go into the cache and build the numbers we need, usually once a day, the monthly average runs weekly.

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