2013 First Half Financial Results

Disneyland Paris’s parent company Euro Disney SCA posted its First Half Financial Results on Tuesday.

A mixed bag of results all round in this latest release. Overall revenue increased 3% to €568 million. The net loss also decreased by 10%. However Euro Disney SCA did lose more money yet again.

Disneyland Paris made €311 million from the parks (this includes tickets, food, merchandise) and made €228 million from its hotels and the Disney Village.

Less people were to visit from Spain, France and Belgium. While more people attended from the UK.

While the resort still lost money it goes to show its refinancing deal and its ongoing activities are boosting the bottom line in the hope that some day soon a return to profit will occur. The second half of the year will include the summer season which usually gives a substantial boost to the resort finances.

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By Graeme Spence

Traveller of Disney Parks worldwide, with an absolute love for Disneyland Paris. Contact: info@dlrpr.com

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