Dedicated to DLP Weekly 3

In what’s felt like the longest week of the year, its been a small treat to be able to save up the new Dedicated to DLP Weekly and its brotherly podcast until tonight to finally chill down and here what Steve and Mark have to say.


In this weeks episode we’re straight out the gate and back into working Disneyland Paris and Star Wars into the forefront. To be fair to Steve, if he keeps his campaign up he may force Disneyland Paris into having a Star Wars weekend. If enough people say it, it must be true!

With Disney in control of the IP, some Star Wars floats could be cool, maybe a small star speeder a few times a day in a built up Star Wars land, along with Jedi Academy! (Sorry tangent being followed, inner geek now suppressed).

Steve moves on to mention that a new website is coming for the official booking site. A quick look at the latest with Ratatouille (something we’ve deliberately never covered), a little on the fantastic @dcjoivil‘s new blog with pictures of Disneyland Paris. Some rantings on pins – in which we totally agree.

Spare yourself ten minutes and get a quick catchup.


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By Graeme Spence

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