The €5 Question

Disneyland Paris has run at least 13 years without turning a profit. The deficit of each year sits around the €100m mark, so this got me thinking, what additional items are missing or could be considered useful on a Disneyland Paris trip that would cost around €5.

Why €5?
Quite simple really. If there were 16 millions guests last year, and each one spent just €5 more, Disneyland Paris would almost be clear of the big deficit it runs. It’s also a nice price point for most people to impulse buy.


Photopass is an easy thought, it wouldn’t cost the world to add a few photographers round the park, teach them the ways of the camera and I’m sure plenty would love the chance. This program already exists to great success round the world in other Disney resorts.

Refill cups, being pushed resort wide. Drinks are cheap, especially when they’re run through draft and not bottled. Ice drinks are cheap too. One charge for each mug each day to get unlimited refills, could be a way to get some extra pennies and nice for a family to know they’ll spend no more on drinks all day. In the winter, Hot Chocolate also doesn’t break the Disney bank.


Hand warmers could be a blessing during the winter months, and some of the spring! Plenty people out watching dreams and it isn’t very warm! Reusable for most guests but perfect to make collectable, branded and themed. Just think Mickeys hand, Sully’s hand, a magic wand, a sorcerers hat.

What are your €5 ideas?

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