Weekend reading: The Customer Rules

Lee Cockerell has recently released his second book. The former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World and Vice President of Disneyland Paris Resorts, puts his thoughts to paper on how to create the very best environments with the top notch customer service that comes to be expected from a Disney resort.

The man worked his way from the bottom of the restaurant and hotel chain industry to the man running the plan at Disney’s resorts. He details in his first book some of his personal history and some of the practices that were put in place during his term with the Walt Disney Company.

In his new book “The Customer Rules” he distills the ideals behind getting staff to perform their very best and how to showcase the sort of service that wow’s customers. The book is a fairly easy and cheery read. Can easily be broken up into parts as the book breaks down into 39 fairly simple chapters.

Each chapter teaches the reader a new rule, or guide to improve service and customer perception in some way or another. For those interested or working in the service/hospitality industry it can certainly be insightful on how to manage growing and large operations, it also has the side effect of having Disney references and history spread throughout.

Available on both iTunes as an ebook and amazon in hardback.


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