Oh you tease

The Disneyland Paris corporate twitter sent out this tweet:

We’ve got a great announcement to make next Monday… Keep following to hear from our Présidente Catherine Powell. 😉

Obviously Catherine Powell doesn’t just have a great grasp of France and Paris like we reported before. She seems to know exactly how to send the fan sites into a spin. A lady of many talents.

With a relative dry spell before Halloween gets into full swing and the bloggers make the yearly halloween pilgrimage for the late night hard ticket party. Before Christmas fever takes over. We are taunted, however it’s what we enjoy so lets play along!

Dedicated to DLP already took a stab: http://dedicatedtodlp.com/2016/10/11/big-disney-land-paris-announcement-coming-25th-anniversary-something-else-or-both/

As did DLP Today: http://www.dlptoday.com/2016/10/10/disneyland-paris-teases-first-25th-anniversary-celebrations-announcement/

ED92 will be ferreting away for sure looking for info: http://www.ed92.org

@CafeFantasia tweets: https://twitter.com/CafeFantasia/status/785530447883296768

We brain dumped on it:

Unveiled on the corporate account, not the Disneyland Paris social media account. It points to structural rather than specific attractions.

RunDisney was a success and likely to continue.

The Disney Village is seeing greater uptake however on the slightly non-inclusive locations. Hurricanes night club (currently a cast member cafe/rest area) remains a large unused property.

Villages Nature continues slightly off site. Perhaps some event is taking place?

A new budget hotel was all but confirmed on a financial results statement, and they were looking to increase the number of premium rooms, with the Disneyland Hotel being at capacity often, especially the higher end rooms.

Halloween is locked in and unlikely to see significant change.

Christmas is in deep preparation and will have additional floats which was revealed in the annual pass magazine and by ED92

The 25th has not been unveiled to any real degree.

Star Wars and Marvel remain huge properties that remain untapped. Its possible a Tower of Terror makeover will be announced.

January is going to be extremely quiet. As is February.

My wild hope is something to do with a night parade but its unlikely. There is some of the second set of Main Street Electrical Parade floats in Tokyo. The one full remaining set of MSEP is leaving WDW for Anaheim. Paint the Night has been sheltered. There are three Fantillusion floats in storage in Paris.

However it could just be a new biscuit and the new captain of the ship shows how to flex her social media muscle. Monday will tell. 

By Graeme Spence

Traveller of Disney Parks worldwide, with an absolute love for Disneyland Paris. Contact: info@dlrpr.com

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