Five things we love about Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is opening in the Disney Village within Disneyland Paris in 2017. While we have no construction shots to share just now, we thought we’d share five reasons you’ll love having them as an addition. Number 1 has to be possibly the best burgers you’ll find – but what else?

You’re getting free salted peanuts when you enter the store

They have Coca Cola Freestyle – that means you’re getting over 300 different flavours to choose from!

They list exactly where they got your food from.

Cajun Fries – seriously good and you will get far too many!

Lastly but not least is that everything is cooked live in front of you. There are no shortcuts and the result is a delicious and succulent burger cooked to perfection. 

Oh and as a last tip, you can ask for any of the sauces on the menu as a side. I recommend the hot sauce! 

Cya real soon Five Guys – you’ll be a welcome addition to the Village. 

By Graeme Spence

Traveller of Disney Parks worldwide, with an absolute love for Disneyland Paris. Contact:

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