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Disneyland Paris issued a letter to all cast members from CEO Philippe Gas, the statement was aimed at addressing the recent “Save Disneyland Paris” petition and other criticism of the resort.

It gives an inside look at how the organisation see’s itself in the current climate and where it  wants to be. Quite rightly it points out some of the outstanding refurbishments we’ve seen over the past few years and goes on to describe what we are likely to see next. This should also put to bed the rumour that Disneyland Paris has been frozen on any new spending.

Earlier this week Disneyland Paris also held a “What’s new, What’s next” press event showing off some of the upcoming features of the Halloween and Christmas season, and its clear to see the resort is definitely investing and coming out fighting.

We bring you a text version of the images posted by @dlpcastmember below.


Dear Cast Members,

Recently, voices have been raised, alleging negligence on our part in maintaining our promise of quality. In response, I wish to draw attention to our long-term strategy, established in September 2008. This strategy is based on three priorities: renovation of our parks and hotels, innovation, and improvement of our working lives.
For five years and despite the difficult economic climate, we have unceasingly pursued this strategy. Our Guests are the basis of our activity. They expect a rich experience, excellent service and attractions ever more captivating. The success of Disneyland Paris depends on our capacity to invest wisely.
Our investment strategy, built around our three priorities, allowed significant tasks to be accomplished:
  • Many attractions have been refurbished, including the Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant – Disneyland Park’s centrepiece – and the Pirate Galleon. As for the hotels, Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, Disney’s Sequoia Lodge and Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe were also renovated.
  • Our attractions stayed open 22% longer than in 2010 despite the restricted access and exceptional closures incumbent to renovation work, further complicated by fickle weather conditions.
  • The safety of our Guests and Cast Members, it should be remembered, is our foremost concern and we reinforced our maintenance teams so as to assure upkeep of our attractions.
  • We have constantly enlarged the offering of our two parks with attractions and installations acclaimed by the public, such as Toy Story Playland, the Princess Pavillion, Meet Mickey Mouse, and World of Disney boutique.
  • The Walt Disney Studios Park alone has welcomed eight new attractions since 2006.
  • New shows as well. In addition to our two parades every day, to our numerous stage performances, to our Disney character meet ‘n’ greets, we have brought to life the Christmas Cavalcade and our spectacular, Disney Dreams! Presented 365 days a year since its debut performance in April 2012, we gave done everything we can to make sure that it is accessible to the largest audience possible (about 30% of our Guests watch it to the end, while only 4% attend The Tarzan Encounter).
  • As far as dining, we have renovated eleven kitchens and diversified our offer which ranges from fast food to a five-star hotel restaurant. Innovation, here as well, with simplified menus and digital menu boards, express table service and healthy food options specially elaborated for children. Custom platter options for counter service restaurants are available as well.


  • Several million euros are invested each year in employee safety programs.
  • Extensive work has been carried our in our backstage areas, such as the complete remodelling of the pedestrian and vehicle network around the ImagiNations building. An entirely new building has been added – the Entertainment Costuming Workshop. We are also engaged in a more effective distribution of workspace. Part of the administrative teams is moving to the Team Disney building in October so that operational teams may have better and more ample quarters in proximity to their activity.
  • Company dining is regularly reviewed so as to better correspond to your preferences and eating habits while seeking to reconcile quality and price. Cast restaurants in the Disneyland Hotel and the ImagiNations building were renovated and a ‘food truck’ installed next to the Simba building.
For the past five years, our annual investments have increased by 50%, and our operational budgets by 16%. In terms of employment we gave gone well beyond our initial engagements. We have not just limited ourselves to conserving employment, we have continually created jobs even while the entire tourism industry struggles through a difficult period.
Our long-term strategy is beginning to bear fruit as the results of the following Guest Satisfaction surveys indicate:
  • Guest satisfaction concerning our restaurants has risen by 5 points over the last two years.
  • The level of satisfaction of Guests residing at Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, Disney’s Sequoia Lodge and Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe has risen 9% since their renovations.
  • Our night time spectacular Disney Dreams! was recognised as the “Best Production Worldwide” in 2012 by an international association of theme park professionals. Our Guests have given it a satisfaction rating of 93%.
These results indicate that our strategy was well-founded.
Consequently, even if the current economic situation requires prudence on our part, we have chosen to pursue the development of our offer. Our renovation program will continue, notable for the attractions Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril and Big Thunder Mountain as well as for our hotel Disney’s Newport Bay Club.
And of course the new attraction Ratatouille will mark the high point of our 2014 season. Inspired by the Disney Pixar masterpiece, this attraction will use state-of-the-art digital technology to immerse Guests in the world of French gastronomy. It symbolises both our creativity and inventiveness. All the while we will continue improving your working environment.
For the last twenty one years, Disneyland Paris has risen to many challenges. Today we must rise above the current economic downturn which has already lasted five years. To do so, I need your commitment. Together we will continue to provide the experience our Guests dream of and expect.

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