Introducing: The Disneyland Parisians

Rather interestingly and rather out of the blue (well isn’t everything when you aren’t expecting it) a second Disneyland Paris podcast popped up over the last weekend.


You’d be forgiven for thinking, I’ve heard this before, because you have, Joseph Carter, who is one of three hosts on the show, has a history of Disneyland Paris podcastery.  Initially having his own podcast, later Joe joined with host of the “competition” Steve to form the beloved “Dedicated to DLP” podcast that we’ve certainly featured here before.

Now Carter is back with co-hosts Lisa, and Johnny to bring us “The Disneyland Parisians” which is a different take on Disneyland Paris, they promise non-rose-tinted views and opinions, reviews and feedback on Disneyland Paris.

The first episode (and by now the Eurostar guide also) bring us a warm and theatrically produced start to their world mixing previous trip experience with some of the latest and some slightly more dated (but well worth the analysis) news. Lots of participation from the audience in a show running under an hour.

Initially, before hearing the show I was concerned that it would be a carbon copy of the Dedicated to DLP format, where by the two would be relatively similar, however this isn’t the case. The show takes on a deeper look at certain core issues per episode and seems to have special features that will come out in regard to different aspects of the resort, such as Eurostar connectivity.

As always it’s nice to have a different take on the resort and another form of media is definitely warmly welcomed. Lets see how the podcast develops over the coming episodes.

The Disneyland Parisians can be found on:
Twitter – @TheDLParisians
Podcast on iTunes

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