Just in: Dedicated to DLP Podcast Episode 12

Coming through the speakers today was Dedicated to DLP’s Episode 12, featuring Steve and Mark in another full on show. Today’s show comes in at just fifteen minutes under the two hour mark, but has a very in depth discussion on the recent shareholders meeting in London. (@DisCharCentral also have a brilliant first hand text […]

Could Lake Disney host a night event?

It’s no secret that Disneyland Paris has noise/neighbour complaints that hinder the resort from performing high altitude fireworks and prohibit it from making too much noise on a nightly basis. It’s also no secret that Disneyland Paris has real night time entertainment issues, especially when compared to its American cousins. It also has the third […]

Dreams by the numbers

Disney Dreams! was added just in time for the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris brining a boost to the dwindling night time entertainment. This boost was a benchmark, a benchmark for which other Disney Parks now aim for. It put Disneyland Paris on the map, bluntly. It flicked the other Disney resorts on the arm […]