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Disney’s Sequoia Lodge


Home for my last week-long trip to Disneyland Paris, beautiful inside and based on the old lodges of America’s National Parks. Sequoia Lodge always seems a lot warmer and cosier than the other Hotels that focus on other parts of American heritage, contrasted around the stunning Lake Disney with the skyline of the Hotel New York, and the marine theme of the Newport Bay!

Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is fourth in line to gain an exclusive set of rooms and extra services for a price.

Disneyland Hotel at the gates of Park Disneyland has always had the Castle Club, beautiful rooms facing the park and a view of Main Street and the Castle, bookable for a handsome fee!

Hotel New York, has the Empire State club, again a floor or two, some with Lake View rooms with additional amenities and premier service such as dedicated check in.

Newport Bay has the admirals floor, which again is two floors of premium rooms with many being Lake Views, and again some nice little touches in the rooms.

 Sequoia Lodge introduces its entrance into the world of exclusive clubs!

It opens to Lake view rooms on a top floor (I’m not sure there are any car park view rooms?), with a dedicated club lounge where a quieter and character filled breakfast can be had, allowing a lot more time to be spent per family! Inside the room.

Dreams can reportedly be seen from some of the rooms in the centre with a direct line of sight with the castle. Although only the higher effects can be seen from the room. A free VIP Fastpass per person, per day is available.

The rooms are a bit bigger than normal and have a few extra niceties like a fridge, and in the club room during the day there are free snacks and drinks available.

The Disneyland Paris Ambassadors Facebook page gives a few looks inside the new clubroom and bedrooms.

gfc room
seq gfcr

Do they go further?

So now that Disneyland Paris have worked their way down from the Disneyland Hotel, Hotel New York, Newport Bay to the Sequoia Lodge, will we see an extension of this program into the other two resorts? I can definitely see a central ranch at the Cheyenne with bigger rooms and breakfast in the bar (along with its great fire!) being an attraction, not to mention too much with the potential to tie into the Buffalo Bill Dinner Show!

Especially considering Disneyland Paris looks to extend its value resort footprint with a new character based addition.

The Golden Forest Club comes in at around £120 extra a night based on two adults sharing. Depending on season. You can book into it on the Disneyland Paris site currently by selecting a different room type.

What’s your thoughts?

Sources: TripAdvisor, Disneyland Paris Brochure, Disneyland Paris Ambassadors Facebook

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