New Years Eve – Interview with Creative Director

Concept visual of the New Years Eve Parade

Disneyland Paris were kind enough to give us a copy of this interview with the creative director of the 1 hour long New Years Eve Parade! 

Prepare for the most magical party of them all, because on 31st December 2018, Disneyland Park will be bedazzled by exciting New Year’s Eve delights. We went to meet Christophe Leclercq to find out more.

How is a New Year’s party prepared for Disneyland Paris?

An event of this size requires a lot of organization. We have been working for one year on the preparation of this exceptional evening! Last year, at the end of New Year’s Eve, we started thinking about what we would like to do the following year. We must re-imagine this event each time to propose something ever more unique and magical. All this goes through a reflection on the parade, the shows but also new choreographies and costumes. It is a huge job that mobilizes a lot of talented people.

This year again, the evening promises to be exceptional. Will there be any differences from last year?

It’s an evening that is exceptional because the content is unique! We could never offer our visitors a parade of this size every day … And of course, the evening this year has a lot of novelties both in terms of the parade but also meet ‘n greets with Disney Characters which are very much appreciated by our visitors. We want to renew each time and we give the maximum for that.

What makes the New Year party at Disneyland Paris unique?

This evening is unique because it only happens once a year! As a result, we want to bring the most magical experiences to our guests. The New Year is an event that deserves the greatest attention because it is important for everyone. And when we come to live this in the heart of a Magic Kingdom, we want you to leave the evening with lots of stars in your eyes.

Do you have any key figures or anecdotes to share about the Incredible’s New Year Eve Parade?

This gigantic parade consists of more than 32 floats / cars, a hundred dancers, about 140 Disney Characters, nearly 70 positions of drivers and guides who will take care of our units. But it also requires more than 60 dressers / hairdressers / make-up artists for the magic to come alive. Finally, more than 20 people in Production and Management at the service of Disney magic.

Has the parade changed since last year? What differences will identify the most observant fans?

Yes ! New floatss will make their appearance, it will be unheard of in a parade of the New Year! Also, all the choreographies have been redesigned by our choreographer to propose a unique show.

New Years Eve Fireworks long exposure

How do we conceive a 1h parade mixing different worlds?

I admit it’s complicated! But also very exciting! We must see this as a story we want to tell. We must therefore think about which units will introduce our story, then those who will tell it and finally those who will conclude it. It’s an extremely interesting creative exercise. Music is also very important in the design of the parade. Everything is based on the choice of music that must mix with history and make our history and therefore our parade even more alive.

One last question, what is your favorite float that we can see that night?

It is a very difficult choice but if it were necessary to choose one, I would say the new float which will present all our Princesses, a case of beauty and enchantment for all!

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