How much does Disney cost internationally?

Where does Disney cost the most? We take a look at the Parks and Hotels to find out!


This is not very scientific, its meant as a little look at pricing, not it will ignore most seasonality, deals and many other variables, while trying to build a rough over view. Obviously it may cost you much more or much less. Blow up the comments if you feel strongly.

We’re going on April 1st, since we need a common date for all the bookings. Since this is a joke, it makes sense.

Also in a move sure to annoy our American friends, we’re going to include tax, like they really should. We’re also using Disney’s official sites, just because its the easiest comparison.

Walt Disney World

So first up let’s go take a look at the pricing of the Disney World resort in Orlando Florida. It’s supposed to be the biggest and boldest of the parks and resorts, with a ton of hotels, you’d expect it to the most expensive, so it’s a good place to start our search.

Right out the gate we’re into issues, you see Walt Disney World knows that UK guests come for one or two weeks and offers a pretty mega deal for us in all inclusive tickets, making it hard to compare against the average. So we’re going to have to fake our location a bit and get the America 1 day, 1 park price.

We’ve got the price, $114, but we need that 6% sales tax added on to make it fair. So $121 it is for a 1 day, 1 park for that day.

We’re booking our hotel now, a cabin at the Wilderness Lodge, which in fairness can sleep 8, costs an eye watering $3164 inclusive of tax. On the other side of that scale All Star Movies is skinning us $228. It almost seems reasonable in comparison.

Disneyland Resort Anaheim

Given that Walt walked around here, I figure it’s also not going to be cheap, but it is a ‘regional’ park rather than an international so let’s see.

It does not try and force the Brits into using any special deals, if you want the original, you’re paying the same as the Americans… which for this, helps a lot. Park prices must be bad though since it keeps erroring every time I try. However after a bit of persistence, $139 spits out.

Hotels are easier, since there are only three. $600 in the Grand Californian or $457 in the Paradise Pier. The Disneyland Hotel sits in the middle at $504.

Disneyland Paris

Much closer to home but usefully the website asks you where you’re from and just trusts you. Suckers.

A nice calendar, click the date, spit out the price, easy. $62 a day. Why can they not all be this simple!!! Right off the bat, hotels are the easiest too. The French are winning the website wars.

The most expensive of the 7 onsite hotels is the Disneyland Hotel at $907 a night, which is $300 more than the original Disneyland Resorts, yikes. Cheapest is the Cheyenne at $383.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

What an absolute joke to figure out anything, everything is bundled until you mega scroll for ‘STANDARD TICKET’ like you’re not supposed to. However we will not be wowed or influenced in this ranking by a free meal or meet and greet.

Tickets are 639 Hong Kong dollars which sounds a lot but is $81 USD. Three hotels again, using the same site as the Americans but actually using the date picker properly here. However you can view one hotel at a time, no comparing.

The Disneyland Hotel here and the Explorers hotel have exact pricing, meaning its $194 for both, oddly as the cheapest options. the Hollywood hotel is more expensive at $205. By far the cheapest resort so far. However is that due to the current Coronavirus?

Shanghai Disney Resort

The newest resort brings a new challenge, despite being shut like HKDL, they aren’t selling advanced tickets. Usefully they have a big terms and conditions set we can read from and again from 575 yuan to $81 USD. A copy and paste maybe from Hong Kong?

They have two hotels the Disneyland Hotel and the Toy Story Hotel, $208 for the Toy Story and $260 for the Disneyland.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo ends our adventure and has a completely different website to everything else. I mean completely different. So much so that it looks fraudulent.

WOW 7500yen, will we be able to afford this?!?!? Oh wait, its $68 USD – the cheapest on the list, yet with the biggest number. I’m not used to these large numbers.

Four hotels make the site, the cheapest the Celebration at $280 with the Miracosta being the most expensive at $737.

Our results…

So for your cheapest stay, you’d want to visit Hong Kong.

Walt Disney World – $349
Disneyland Anaheim – $596
Disneyland Paris – $445
Hong Kong Disney – $275
Shanghai Disney – $289
Tokyo Disney – $348

ResortTop HotelBottom HotelPark (1 day ticket)Ranking (cheapest)
Walt Disney World$3164$228$1214
Disneyland Resort (Anaheim)$600$457$1396
Disneyland Paris$907$383$625
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort$205$194$811
Shanghai Disney Resort$260$208$812
Tokyo Disney Resort$737$280$683

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