Extra Magic Hours

The score basically goes, you get an extra two hours in a chosen park each day for being a Disneyland Paris official hotel guest, usually the main Disneyland Parc.

You get to experience parts of the park without the normal day trippers or offsite guests trooping in and making the queues longer.

However the whole experience is limited to just a certain few attractions, it isn’t every ride.

It incurs a cost to opening for a select few and stops the park from generating more revenue from day trip guests and offsite guests. Sure, the startup costs of the rides are factored in and essentially on the quicker starting rides, time before the first guest is reduced.

We’ve seen the now growing rumour that Walt Disney World in Florida will remove Extra Magic Hours. Personally I don’t believe it, Walt Disney World is the largest hotel block as well as the largest theme park area that the Disney company own – I’d imagine it happening in a smaller test before trying it on the real cash cow of the company. It would also mark the only Disney resort not to give this perk to its guests and currently its used to a great degree to direct daily crowd flow and planning.

I ask, only in interest – how would NOT having extra magic hours affect your trip planning and decisions on whether to stay on or offsite?

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