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for the next three days, meaning stays on certain dates are now up to 50% off. Theres even a value day left May 21st (for a two night stay) – bookings in French but ultimately doesn’t matter where your from.

@DCentralPlaza tweet: “Disneyland, California: Yesterday took place the 8000th performance of “Fantasmic”, the night the show …” (Well they said it in French, but in English the news is spectacular for such a popular and enduring show) Fantasmic is available in three Disney resorts, Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo, but is not available in Hong Kong or Paris – Paris have Fantillusion which is a rough light parade based version. – It’s not secret we here would love it in Paris! With 8000 shows, so would everyone else 😉

@InsideTheMagic retweets about SpectroMagic and a rare glimpse at the parade in the warehouse: Oh, hello SpectroMagic backstage. How nice to see you. “@AtDisneyAgain:

Just a rumour, but one we love, the possibility of Mickey and the Magical Lamp coming to Paris – Disney California’s new show thats set to debut this summer, thats in from the twitter feed of @Photosmagiques

What an exciting Sunday morning breakfast roundup!

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