Planning your trip can be quite difficult if you want to make the most of your time in the magic. We’ve tried to pull together all the information you could ever need to make your stay the best it can be.

Keep in mind though, spontaneous and quick trips can be even better than those that are planned perfectly. Try and leave time to just let things happen!

Live Waits and Stats

We track all the rides in Disneyland Paris and watch the queue times of them, we check multiple times an hour and ever time that someone hits our live waits tracker – this gives us a good idea of when the waits are high and low.

Crowd Calendar

We smash the data we collected above with the seasonal pricing and some impactful school holidays that affect the resort and try to help you work out when is best to get a good deal and it not be too busy.


One day we will have our own complete tour of all the surrounding hotels and bring you the top tips for each one. However until we’re done we have a catalogue of information we went and found out. Some hotels have full reviews and video tours.


Disneyland Paris is always celebrating something and to help you understand what extras they will have on at the park during your visit we’ve made these handy guides.


Several times a year there are one or two day events that take place, usually for the biggest of Disney fans and we try to cover these events in detail.


Although never ending due to menu changes and pricing changes and seasonality we try to give you a flavour of what you can expect price and experience wise in the various different restaurants on site in Disneyland Paris.


Our guide to getting the best value for your trips with a breakdown of pricing, options and benefits available on official tickets at the resort. We break down the annual pass options and the day trip options.


Some stuff just doesn’t fit naturally anywhere else so we’ve built some databases to show of some geeky stuff that we track or want to understand better. The site is as much a hobby for our random ideas as it is an information source. Enjoy!