Disney’s Magic on Parade – Magic Everywhere

Key facts:

Run: Daily
From: April 2012
To: Present
Park: Disneyland Parc – Disneyland Paris
Float count: 9
Score: Magic Everywhere

Running Order

Castle Float (Fairy God Mother, Blue Fairy, Merlin)
DLP Jan 14_20140112_722

Floating Fairy’s
DLP Jan 14_20140112_725

Aurora and Horse
DLP Jan 14_20140112_726

Cinderella and Horse
DLP Jan 14_20140112_729

Snow White and Horse
DLP Jan 14_20140112_730

DLP Jan 14_20140112_735

DLP Jan 14_20140112_737DLP Jan 14_20140112_739

Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts
DLP Jan 14_20140112_740

Alice in Wonderland
DLP Jan 14_20140112_742

Pinocchio and Gipetto
DLP Jan 14_20140112_745

Jessie and Toy Soldiers
DLP Jan 14_20140112_749

Toy Story
DLP Jan 14_20140112_751

Winne the Pooh
DLP Jan 14_20140112_754

Poohs Friends
DLP Jan 14_20140112_757

Lion King
DLP Jan 14_20140112_762

Jungle Book
DLP Jan 14_20140112_766

Peter Pan
DLP Jan 14_20140112_773

Mary Poppins
DLP Jan 14_20140112_778

Fairys on Segways
DLP Jan 14_20140112_780

Finale – Fantasia
DLP Jan 14_20140112_790


By Graeme Spence

Traveller of Disney Parks worldwide, with an absolute love for Disneyland Paris. Contact: info@dlrpr.com

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