Just in: Disney Dreamers Everywhere

Definitely not a slow news Monday! (Just how we like it!)

In from Character Central today is “Disney Dreamers Everywhere” which from the outlay is a transnational celebration across the globe for a special group of “Disney Dreamers”. Encompassing a whole host of characters and events for people to enjoy using the unique faucet of Disney storytelling.



Loose details are available but it sounds like a brilliant opportunity for those going on this once in a lifetime tour! We will certainly be readily watching and trying to keep in touch with Dan at http://www.charactercentral.net/ (@DisCharCentral), it’s not every year you can stand at all five Disney castles in the one year or hear Mickey in four languages!

So far it seems the characters are paired off to locations with Jiminy Cricket leading the pack across the globe. Goofy at Hong Kong, Daisy at Tokyo, Donald in Anaheim, Goofy in Orlando, and Mickey and Minnie in Paris!

Dan and Jon from Character Central uniquely have seen the five Disney Parks Resorts, and will be well placed to give an informed look into this experience.

A parallel to this program exists in Walt Disney World in Florida already under the Disney Dreamers Academy, a program focused on showing through inspirational talks and spectacular settings what can be achieved when the mind is set to it. However this seems to upstage that in a truly gigantic scale.

This seems to come at an interesting cross roads of a year, with Disneyland Paris celebrating an extended 20th anniversary, Disney World and Disneyland California celebrating “Limited time magic” of lots of small events rather than a year-long celebration, Tokyo Disneyland celebrating its 30th anniversary, and Hong Kong Disneyland celebrating its Star Guest programme. Could this be the first in what could be hopefully be more “joined up thinking” transnational celebrations? Disney are one of the few companies with the scope and the brand to pull it off.

Most impressively this celebration has its grand finale in the beautiful Disneyland Paris Resort! Who say’s we get nothing 😉

Make sure to check out the announcement over at Character Central for even more first hand details:

And give them a follow @DisCharCentral

Sources: http://www.charactercentral.nethttp://www.disneydreamersacademy.com

When is your next trip?

Sunday brings with it limited hours for most stores trading, it’s a movie day for the TV and if you’re lucky enough not to be at work – a day of rest!

I suddenly had a Sunday off work, so thought I’d try out some code (steadily learning!) and build a little timer to work out my next trip date (September 29th!)


After figuring out I’ve only got 161 days to go, I figured although a tad ugly, the world may be interested in my rough draft and want to see how long they’ve got left.

So when is your next trip?

Hit “How long?” above and let it start your countdown.

Showcase: Dedicated to DLP Weekly 1

Late late last night seen the very first episode of Dedicated to Disneyland Paris – Weekly was released on YouTube.

It’s the latest incarnation of everyones favourite Disneyland Paris podcast hosted by Steve Riley in a new video form. The video is much shorter than the podcast show coming in at just under 10 minutes, compared to the usual hour or hour and half that the audio only version puts out.


The format is quick energetic and throws the information out there for the viewer to relate to, along with some pictures of the current topic. It does beg the question will he be conducting interviews with others from the social world in the future?

Fantastic coverage as always, make sure to subscribe to DtoDLP!

Source: http://www.dedicatedtodlp.com, http://www.youtube.com/user/DedicatedtoDLPTV, https://twitter.com/DedicatedToDLP

This weeks show talks about Star Wars (and a Star Wars land), 20th Extended, Pins, Steve’s upcoming trip, and the earlier talked about easyJet news.

Interestingly right after I found magicforum a few years ago, Dedicated to DLP’s podcast was the next thing I looked into before my very first trip to Disneyland Paris. I’ve caught every episode since and love the current shows with Steve and Mark.

Definitely keep an eye out for the future episodes @ http://www.dedicatedtodlp.com