Friends and Thanks

You cannot dispute that Disneyland Paris has one of the friendliest communities on the web surrounding it, here, we pay tribute here to our friends and partners around the Disney Online World.

DLP Town Square – Twitter / Web / Facebook – Our partner in crime, bounce buddy, and Disneyland Paris blogging superstar.

Dedicated to DLP –  Twitter / Web / Facebook / iTunes – The sound of Disneyland Paris, enthusiast, podcaster,

Disneygraphy – Twitter / Web / Facebook / – The only Disneyland Paris magazine and explorer extraordinaire.

magicforum – Twitter / Web – The largest Disneyland Paris english forum. Where the community comes together.

Photosmagiques – Twitter / Web – If it happened, he has photo’s, spectacular shots.

MagicalDLP – Twitter / Web / Facebook – Possibly the snazziest looking DLP site that exists.

Designing Disney – Twitter / Web – Always an interesting read, presented beautifully.

CafeFantasia – Twitter / YouTube / Instagram – High quality pictures, videos and researched commentary across the Disney landscape.

Plaza Gardens – Twitter / Web – Deep insight and warm commentary.

NI_DLP_Geek – Twitter – Contributor, commentator, DLP Geek.

Kerri – Twitter – Contributor, trip planner, globe trotter.

DLRP Wonders – Twitter – Contributor, character catcher.

Anything missing?

What do you think?