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General Discussion / Best time to visit DLP
Hey! Welcome to the DLP Forum. Let us know your favourite time to visit DLP on our poll. If we missed on leave it below 👇🏼
General Discussion / Re: Expansion at Disneyland Paris - Mega
Feels like an age since the expansion was announced.  Very excited to get some more detail, despite being weirdly disappointed that Armageddon is going

I think Armageddon just got too old too quick.

Given we’ve got the first artwork now and plans have been filed and shown public - we have to be getting some motion.

Will it all come at once though? Or slowly over next three years?

How quick can they convert a restaurant and rock n roller.

I think it’s all come out peice by peice, excited but nervous about what they are gonna do to the rocknroller coaster  :/:/:/