Dedicated to DLP 17

It’s no secret I’ve not had a lot of time recently however my weekend trip to Alton Towers gave me a little time to catch up on some of the stuff I had back-logged, namely listening to  Episode 17 of Dedicated to DLP.

This week Steve and Mark put out a unique style of podcast, entirely dedicated to responding to listener questions. If this was your first time listening to the pair, I dare say you’d be slightly put off the podcast, however for regular followers of this masterful Disney fix – it stands out as one of the best!

How can something with no news be the best? Well… in this episode we dive deeper into the personalities of both our hosts with a true focus on their personal preference for the parks. We revisit just about every major topic thats been speculated about this year.

Interesting points include the discussion on why Disneyland Paris hasn’t built some sort of mega pool/waterpark on site. I definitely agree with Mark that you could charge for it, and I truly believe many would. Disney have proven with their hotels and American water parks, they can be world leaders in those too, so why not? Early discussions of Disneyland Paris’s Resort had the indications of a mass indoor pool based on the story of a volcano. Something we’d love to see. Staying off site is becoming a bigger topic too with plenty hints and tips.

You’ll also get an overview in the episode of where the resort is and a roundup of whats to come. Mark leaves us with the revelation that he is off to the Walt Disney Companies D23 fan event, and will be hearing from panels of imagineers such as Tony Baxter and Marty Sklar, both true Disney hero’s.

Sadly the podcast will either be shrunk or delayed due to the time constraints of these two for the next episode, but then everyone seems rather busy just now anyway. Maybe I’ll convince Steve to let me do a remote show as guest speaker with him 😛

As I said a brilliant episode thats well worth listening to, rounding up and recovering some important topics for the time ahead.

It can be found as always at and on the iTunes podcast store.

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