Christmas calendar 2014

As you all know, we update our calendars as soon as DLP make the information official. Today saw the release of the 2014 Christmas Calendar – however this raises questions as two new ‘firsts’ have emerged.

Normally we get each park listed twice, once for the hours it’s open and second for extra magic hours (if any!). This time Disneyland Parc has three entries – an additional opening time is listed for two of the days.

December 12th and December 19th show a special event listed from 8pm to 11pm. Both of these dates are Saturdays and likely the busiest Saturdays of the year. The park on the Sunday for example is open until 10pm. However on these dates general guest access seems limited until 10pm.

Could these be park bookings by corporations for private access? Could this be a limited hard ticket event like Halloween?

Secondly, for the first time ever, both parks are listed as having extra magic hours in the second two weeks of December. Again no explanation given. This hasn’t happened before in the history of the parks from what we can see.

View it for yourself at

We’ve reached out to Disneyland Paris for comment and will keep you updated. It may just be a glitch.

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