Top ten tips for a busy Disneyland Paris day

So with Christmas Capacity Closures (CCC’s!) looming, where the parks are full to the literal brim, how exactly can you get the best out of your day?

1. Get there early! – We absolutely know that the time before 12pm is critical to getting more in, waits are low in the mornings!

2. Take a break over lunch, stroll round the village, maybe head back to the hotel for a short nap or a swim. 12-2pm its peak time – if you can be else where and still kept busy – do it! Panaromagique could be a nice (and cheap) distraction!

3. Avoid headline attractions – does it have the name Mountain? Probably best to skip it until late afternoon. Long waits ahead.

4. Enjoy the shows the parks offer, the parades, cinemagique, animagique, motors action stunt show – these all have monster capacities and play your cards right and you’ll only wait five or ten minutes.

5. Staying onsite? – Get the most out the parks with EVEN earlier access from Extra Magic Hours – a whole two hours for some popular attractions in the park before it opens to the public.

6. Hit the monster capacity attractions around mid day if you really need to ride – these queues are always moving and usually most interesting. Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of the Carribean, Star Tours, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror.

7. Explore some of the lesser known attractions to fill some time, never a wait, even at peak for the Aladdin walkthrough, the treehouse or Alice’s Curious Labyrinth – consider meeting Mickey Mouse, some magic keeps his waits reasonably low!

8. Find hidden Mickeys, search for the hidden treasures, ever noticed the snails on the spire of the castle? Ever noticed how closely some of the buildings resemble a certain pink castle?

9. Take a park tour, bookable from City Hall and running a few times a day, for €15 they are great for any Disney Parks fan.

10. Keep an eye on our live wait times and figure out your best and shortest move! –

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    last weekend when wait times were long i did things like cinemagic and animagique. also no wait for Captain Eo….and I have to admit I have missed it! there was even a queue for Mystery of the Nautalis

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