DLRP Roundup a guide to Disneyland Paris

Restaurants and menu's in Disneyland Paris

Hakuna Matata

Description and menu:
Restaurant Hakuna Matata can be found in Adevntureland and is open daily. The restaurant is a counter service venue.

Menu 1
Lightly Spiced Chicken Strips, Salad or Hakuna Fries, 50CL drink. €10.99

Menu 2
Chicken (in African sauce), Salad or Rice, Yoghurt with sugar and fruit or Magnum bar, 50CL drink. €11.99

Menu 3
Kebab sandwich, Salad or Hakuna Fries, Fresh fruit or Pineapple tart, 50CL drink. €13.99

Childrens Menu
Breaded chicken strips, rice or cherry tomatoes, yoghurt or ice cream, water or orange or apple or milk. €7.99 (+6.19 for Mickey souvenir box).

A la carte
Salad Hakuna (chicken, lettuce, sweetcorn, pepper, onion, tomato) - €7.19
Vegetarian Salad Hakuna (lettuce, sweetcorn, pepper, onion, tomato) - €6.99
Kebab sandwich and fries or salad - €9.79
African Chicken with rice or salad - €8.59
Lightly spiced chicken strips with hakuna fries or salad - €8.59
Fries/Rice/Salad - €3.49
Cake/Magnum bar/Ice Cream &euro3.79;

Soft Drink 50CL - €3.09
Fresh drink/water 33CL - €2.89
1664 beer - €4.19
Coffee - €2.99