DLRP Roundup a guide to Disneyland Paris

Restaurants and menu's in Disneyland Paris

Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost

Description and menu:
Colonel Haithis Pizza Outpost is located in Adventureland, this counter service restaurant is the highest quality interior counter service available in Disneyland Paris. This is due to the restaurant originally being a table service restaurant known as the Explorer's Club

Menu 1
Napolitana (tomato) or Bolognese Pasta
Fresh Salad or Garlic Bread with cheese
Drink (50cl)

Menu 2
Fresh Salad or Garlic bread and cheese
Yoghurt or Magnum bar
Drink (50cl)

Menu 3
Royal or 3 Cheese Pizza
Fresh Salad or Cherry Tomatos
Fresh fruit cup or Tiramisu
Drink (50cl)

A la carte
Chicken Salad - €7.19
Three cheese salad - €6.99
Vegetable Salad - €6.99
Royal Pizza - €9.89
Three Cheese Pizza - €9.89
Fusilli napolitana - €7.59
Fusilli bolognese - €7.59
Lasagne bolognese - €8.79
Cherry tomatoes - €3.39
Fresh Salad - €3.19
Garlic bread and cheese - €3.39

Soft drinks (50cl) - €3.09
Bottles - €2.89