DLRP Roundup a guide to Disneyland Paris

Restaurants and menu's in Disneyland Paris

Fuente del Oro

Description and menu:
Menu 1 - €10.99
Chilli con carne
Fresh salad or nachos
50cl drink

Menu 2 - €11.99
Chicken Taquito with Cruda salsa
Fresh salad or Mexican spiced rice
Yogurt with fruit or magnum bar
50cl drink

Menu 3 - €13.99
Chicken fajitas with salsa and guacamole
Fresh salad or Mexican spiced rice
Fresh fruit or churros
50cl drink

Kids - €7.99
Breaded chicken strips or sausages
Mexican rice or cherry tomatoes
Strawberry drink or ice cream or apples
33cl drink

A la carte
Salad taco - €7.19
Chilli con carne and nachos - €6.99
Chicken fajitas - €9.79
Nachos - €3.39
Mexican rice - €3.49
Fresh salad - €3.19