DLRP Roundup a guide to Disneyland Paris

Restaurants and menu's in Disneyland Paris

Blue Lagoon Restaurant

Description and menu:
Located in Adventureland, the Blue Lagoon features as part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and offers a unique dining experience.

Pirates cocktail - Coconut-ginger shrimps served with pickled vegetables - €13.99

Pirate trio - Sea bream tartare with an exotic fruit salsa, avacado and paprika cappuccino and octopus salad - €15.49

West Indian Extravaganza - West indian sausages, shrip skewer, fried octopus, cod fish cakes, scallop, and pickled vegetables - €15.49

Crab Terrine - piquillo pepper coulis and curried toast - €13.99
Caribbean salad - Pineapple, avacado and heart of palm with mango vinaigrette - €9.99

Fish and Shelfish soup - €13.99

Main Courses
Grilled swordfish with West Indian Sauce - served with mango salsa and fragrant rice - €28.99

Miracle catch - Grilled gambas, barracuda fillet and grilled swordfish served with vegetable tempura and a bold West Indian Sauce - €34.99

Fillet of grilled beef - and sichuan pepper sauce, served with cassava chips and sauteed vegetables - €28.99

Caribbean Chicken colombo - served with fragrant rice and roasted plantain - €23.99

Pork tenderloin with honey and spices - served with sweet potato mash and sauteed vegetables - €28.99

Roast rack of lamb - Jamaican old rum sauce served with sweet potato mash - €28.99

Vegetable Voyage - Curry flavoured exotic vegetable parcel, coconut chayote crumble, served with sweet potato mash and roasted plantain - €23.99

Surf and Turf flavours - Free range veal medallion, half lobster au gratin, ginger butter, sauteed vegetables, fragrant rice and roasted plantain - €34.99

Grilled Gambas - with a fruit and vegetable sales, fragrant rice and roasted plantain - €28.99

Lobster au gratin - served with fragrant rice and a fruit and vegetable salsa - €39.99

Crayfish and scallop ravioli - marinated peppers and shellfish coulis - €23.99

Gilt-head sea bream steak wrapped in spinach - fragrant rice, plantain, beurre blanc sauce and kaffir lime - €28.99


Banana barmy - Assortment of banana tartlet, banana ice cream and roasted banana - €11.99

Vanilla Island creme brulee - with caramel flambee - €9.49

Coconut ice cream - with pineapple coulis - €10.49

Rum baba - and exotic fruit and syrup tartare with a chocolate flute - €11.99

Chocolate macaroon - with mango compote - €11.99

Pineapple and raspberry crumble - €11.99

Mango delight with gingerbread - €10.49

Exotic fruit salad - €10.49

Coffee or tea with a mix of mini desserts - €10.49

Buccaneer Menu
€29.99 - Starter and Main Course from Ocean Treasure Menu

Ocean Treasure Menu (Half Board Plus)
Starter: Pirates Cocktail, Crab Terrine, Caribbean Salad.
Main: Caribbean chicken colombo, Barracuda fillet, Crayfish and scallop ravioli
Dessert: Vanilla Island creme brulee, Mango delight, Coconut ice cream.

Captains Chest Menu
Starters: Pirate trio, Pirates cocktail, Caribbean salad
Mains: Roast rack of lamb, Grilled gambas, Grilled swordfish with West Indian Sauce
Desserts: Coconut ice cream, Chocolate macaroon, Mango delight

Childrens Menu
Starter: Dipping vegetables - fromage frais and chive sauce
Main: Chicken fillet and gravy, Penne pasta with baby vegetables, Thick cut salmon fillet with lemon sauce.
Desserts: Vanilla ice cream, Pineapple and mango smoothie, Panna cotta with red fruit coulis
Note: Chips can replace similar item upon request