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How busy is DLRP Roundup?

A lot of people often wonder how busy this site is, not too sure why, it goes through peaks and troughs based on when I am active and can be bothered updating it regularly.

I try to update often and build features that don't necessarily require a lot of effort to regularly maintain. It never works out that way. Occasionally the site needs rebuilt because it stops working or I forget how to update it properly.

Primarily the site is a code playground for me with real data and it's a fun hobby of Disneyland Paris.

For a full resource: does a far better job at capturing all the information on a beautiful site. Steve at Dedicated to DLP podcast from is much better for discussion and news. Geoff at does a fantastic set of reviews and deep dive into some of the quirks of Disneyland Paris and @CafeFantasia on twitter does a phenomenal set of imagery and videos of the resort.

I play at being the statistician and mucking around with data. So in that vein - the following posts are a yearly summary on how busy the site is.

Re: How busy is DLRP Roundup? - 2013

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This is the year I launched DLRP Roundup, so several months are missing, because we didn't exist.

MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 201300000
Feb 201300000
Mar 201300000
Apr 20132154603,84110,160515.44 MB
May 20132898942,6786,875422.73 MB
Jun 20131,4682,2066,6038,049195.08 MB
Jul 20134649813,1854,476210.04 MB
Aug 20133338323,31410,597579.12 MB
Sep 20137531,3714,29316,857525.64 MB
Oct 20131,5462,2786,71519,504639.19 MB
Nov 20139211,8354,98011,343344.07 MB
Dec 20131,0162,13710,64720,738452.56 MB
Total7,00512,99446,256108,5993.79 GB

Re: How busy is DLRP Roundup? - 2014

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2014 brought growth and saw us develop the site.

MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 20142,2034,52015,80665,3436.18 GB
Feb 20142,2415,20815,20158,47210.38 GB
Mar 20142,5395,91820,52359,6907.35 GB
Apr 20142,2945,38019,94855,4585.46 GB
May 20141,7193,86323,98450,5554.40 GB
Jun 20142,2094,43131,19262,2031.42 GB
Jul 201413,94148,210105,848162,9174.93 GB
Aug 20143,5829,87249,207121,8563.70 GB
Sep 20144,08413,31369,006155,3763.99 GB
Oct 20143,86210,67294,509165,4152.88 GB
Nov 20143,90510,05091,233157,4372.88 GB
Dec 20145,42712,09285,990163,5973.56 GB
Total48,006133,529622,4471,278,31957.14 GB

Re: How busy is DLRP Roundup? - 2015

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2015 brought more growth and seen some new features on the site

MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 20155,73610,98669,396156,5593.93 GB
Feb 20155,2929,54558,314130,7432.71 GB
Mar 20156,36311,11956,141134,5363.54 GB
Apr 20156,00810,39661,283130,6723.58 GB
May 20155,4349,14051,797130,3214.48 GB
Jun 20155,1139,23745,520119,9247.84 GB
Jul 20155,5509,76847,396117,3404.73 GB
Aug 20154,4848,47645,703110,79711.15 GB
Sep 20153,7156,99739,64387,128591.86 MB
Oct 20155,2278,43345,089106,220696.35 MB
Nov 20153,8896,82836,95384,237557.33 MB
Dec 20152,5004,44230,20254,018345.93 MB
Total59,311105,367587,4371,362,49544.11 GB

Re: How busy is DLRP Roundup? - 2016

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2016 was a dip, but then didn't get much focus from me due to changing jobs.

MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 20163,5846,30139,66678,3442.26 GB
Feb 20163,2326,06537,09670,1161.07 GB
Mar 20163,8736,88142,10585,493552.24 MB
Apr 20162,8874,94737,92166,115391.38 MB
May 20163,2485,48035,53471,988476.94 MB
Jun 20162,9814,93632,67962,051436.09 MB
Jul 20164,1996,44636,24170,725533.88 MB
Aug 20163,0794,65534,94173,449444.32 MB
Sep 20163,2635,50432,25088,459671.01 MB
Oct 20164,8509,99642,077118,1551.18 GB
Nov 20164,3899,34737,40396,734734.47 MB
Dec 20164,6239,71139,609104,7981.25 GB
Total44,20880,269447,522986,4279.89 GB

Re: How busy is DLRP Roundup? - 2017

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Our busiest year and the first major overhaul with a new look. Very mobile optimised. 2017.

MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 20176,88113,02951,245156,8501.43 GB
Feb 20176,53312,11543,249139,8841.47 GB
Mar 20177,13014,16347,052147,6401.37 GB
Apr 20175,65511,27340,143116,1411.35 GB
May 20175,41911,08937,895102,306863.25 MB
Jun 20175,29510,01737,903106,0021.01 GB
Jul 20175,82410,92339,862116,5561.32 GB
Aug 20176,60512,15544,855142,7351.67 GB
Sep 20176,41011,26639,663131,5102.20 GB
Oct 20175,95110,36038,457127,2751.57 GB
Nov 20175,6779,99135,923107,9381.50 GB
Dec 20175,5929,61734,31397,5471.07 GB
Total72,972135,998490,5601,492,38416.81 GB

Re: How busy is DLRP Roundup?

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Social stats - 8th May 2018

Twitter followers: 3,719
YouTube subscribers: 55 + 14,916 views + 20,192 mins
Facebook followers: 151

Re: How busy is DLRP Roundup?

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MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 20186,91311,15138,669147,9152.06 GB
Feb 20185,5579,25232,227109,9621.51 GB
Mar 20185,4149,59941,639105,5701.49 GB
Apr 20184,6818,36330,97478,6161.24 GB
May 20185,0078,95733,71083,4341.25 GB
Jun 20184,6788,48231,53579,5321.80 GB
Jul 20183,6616,82227,31469,2781.32 GB
Aug 20184,2917,75932,51178,2301.42 GB
Sep 20183,8817,31826,90265,6661.31 GB
Oct 20184,5918,71036,49571,0341.29 GB
Nov 20184,6258,92938,03871,0791.06 GB
Dec 20183,6797,25833,82852,391696.76 MB
Total56,978102,600403,8421,012,70716.41 GB

MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 20181123361131.06 MB
Feb 20182945544463.97 MB
Mar 20183166734863.93 MB
Apr 201852851677888.18 MB
May 20183967854306.76 MB
Jun 2018561021284116.05 MB
Jul 201849951286185.37 MB
Aug 2018641181631,0209.55 MB
Sep 2018671261437005.44 MB
Oct 2018571161265824.49 MB
Nov 20183256881,0502,60496.51 MB
Dec 20181,7202,89814,14722,754459.66 MB
Total2,5004,42916,30030,952610.96 MB