Thursday, 29 September 2016

Disneyland Paris explorers new hard ticket Valentines and Christmas events

Every now and again in Disneyland Paris you’ll happen across a man or woman in a big jacket holding a huge tablet much like an iPad. On it will be a series of questions, Halloween was no different.

Hidden within the follow up email I got asked three interesting questions:

  1. Do you intend to return to Disneyland Paris in the next two years (YES! – Which then added the next few questions to the same set)
  2. What seasons would you be interested in visiting (List of seasons)
  3. Thinking of events like the Halloween party, would you attend an event on: Valentine’s Day and/or Christmas.

Now, 2016 has its calendar out, so it definitely isn’t happening then, so are Disneyland Paris exploring hard ticket events for both Valentines night and a Christmas party?

Halloween has sold out every time they’ve run the event and remains popular thought Disney Parks round the world, is there more to come?

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Extra Magic Hours

The score basically goes, you get an extra two hours in a chosen park each day for being a Disneyland Paris official hotel guest, usually the main Disneyland Parc.

You get to experience parts of the park without the normal day trippers or offsite guests trooping in and making the queues longer.

However the whole experience is limited to just a certain few attractions, it isn’t every ride.

It incurs a cost to opening for a select few and stops the park from generating more revenue from day trip guests and offsite guests. Sure, the startup costs of the rides are factored in and essentially on the quicker starting rides, time before the first guest is reduced.

We’ve seen the now growing rumour that Walt Disney World in Florida will remove Extra Magic Hours. Personally I don’t believe it, Walt Disney World is the largest hotel block as well as the largest theme park area that the Disney company own – I’d imagine it happening in a smaller test before trying it on the real cash cow of the company. It would also mark the only Disney resort not to give this perk to its guests and currently its used to a great degree to direct daily crowd flow and planning.

I ask, only in interest – how would NOT having extra magic hours affect your trip planning and decisions on whether to stay on or offsite?

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Frozen Summer Fun Comes to DLP June 1st!

frozen summer fun


It’s official: Disneyland® Paris will celebrate the 5th highest-grossing film ever this summer. Frozen, which has racked up more than 5 million ticket sales in France, will take centre stage from 1 June to 13 September 2015. The famous sisters, Anna and Elsa, will appear on stage with Olaf, their adorable snowman, in a spectacular event that will give guests chills!

New show: “Frozen Sing-along”

After catching a sneak peak of them in the famous Disneyland® Park Parade and meeting them to pose for pictures last Christmas, Disneyland Paris guests will be able to sing along with the stars of Frozen this summer! Enjoy this unique live experience with the heroes of the greatest Disney hit of all time.

Starting June 1st, the world of Frozen will appear in Frontierland in Disneyland Park, with a brand new show. An ice-themed musical production combining singing and dancing with guest participation. The famous sisters, Anna and Elsa, along with their faithful companions, Kristoff and Olaf the funny snowman, will take to the stage to bring the show to life and expand the unique experience of Frozen live. They’ll be surrounded by dancers straight out of the Kingdom of Arendelle.

As the show begins, the villagers are preparing to celebrate the Arendelle winter festival. The intrepid Princess Anna appears and welcomes guests to the snowy universe of the Kingdom of Arendelle. She invites them to help her create a surprise for her sister, Elsa, asking them to join together as a choir. The show is a wonderful occasion to experience, relive and participate in the most beautiful musical moments of the greatest Disney success story of all time.

Olaf, renowned as the only snowman in the world capable of dreaming of heat and sunshine, will also join the party live on stage. To celebrate his longed-for summer, guests are encouraged to sing along, while he dreams innocently of sun tans and beaches!

Among the highlights is an emotionally charged performance of the unforgettable song “Let it go” by Elsa. [The French version of “Let it go” (“Libérée, Délivrée”, sung by Anaïs Delva) has over 45 million hits on YouTube].


Do you wanna build a snowman?

In Summer

Love is an open door

Let it go

The show will take place several times a day, with live performances in French and English, with French and English subtitles on screen.

Venue: Chaparral Theater, Frontierland, Disneyland Park. 

June and September: 7 days a week (6 shows a day from Monday until Friday – 12 shows a day at weekends)

July and August: 7 days a week – 12 shows a day 

Limited number of seats

A Market Place decked in the colours of Frozen

At Cottonwood Creek Ranch, guests are invited to visit the Market Place, inspired by the universe of the kingdom of Arendelle, and enjoy all the delights that recall one of the greatest Disney hits of all time.

Venue: Cottonwood Creek Ranch, Frontierland, Disneyland Park

Two other magical appearances showcasing Frozen at Disneyland Park

The two heroines of Frozen will appear at Disneyland Park every day, for two special events. On their frosty float, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa will star in Disney Magic on Parade!” with Olaf. They will also cross the Park several times a day for a special carriage ride, Frozen: A Royal Welcome“, waving to the crowd from their royal carriage.

“Disney Magic on Parade!” Once a day, 7 days a week, Disneyland Park

Frozen: A Royal Welcome, 3 times a day, 7 days a week, Disneyland Park

A special Frozen feature in Disney Dreams®!

Frozen is now part of the traditional version of Disney Dreams®!. A breath-taking night-time show with fountains and pyrotechnics, where famous Characters from the world of Disney come to life through projections onto Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Disney Dreams®! tells a magical and moving story. Guided by Peter Pan, guests discover, or re-discover, the greatest Disney stories, from Beauty and the Beast to Aladdin, not forgetting Rapunzel and many others.

Frozen is now part of this amazing night-time show, taking its place among Disney classics such as The Lion King and Peter Pan, as well as the unforgettable Parisian hits Ratatouille and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This feature is vibrant and full of emotion, thanks to a specially re-orchestrated version of Let it go and the special effects expertise of Disneyland Paris.

Venue: Sleeping Beauty Castle, 7 days a week, Disneyland Park

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

St Patricks Day – 17 March 2015

With St Patricks day upon Disneyland Paris next week, here’s rundown of the days events, all events are free!

1030-1200 Meet Disney Characters – Cottonwood Creek Ranch
1030 – Pipe Band with Irish style music – Chaparral Theatre
1030-1830 – Free face painting
1110 – Disney Performing arts Irish – Chaparral Theatre
1115 – Sarah Clarck Academy of Irish Dance with Chip and Dale – Chaparral Theatre
1150 – Meet the Leprechauns – Cottonwood Creek Ranch
1150 – Irish Musicians Trio – Cottonwood Creek Ranch
1220 – Sarah Clarck Academy of Irish Dance with Chip and Dale – Chaparral Theatre
1320 – Irish Musicians Trio – Cottonwood Creek Ranch
1330 – Meet the Leprechauns – Cottonwood Creek Ranch
1430 – Pipe Band with Irish style music – Chaparral Theatre
1500 – Irish Musicians Trio – Cottonwood Creek Ranch
1500 – Sarah Clarck Academy of Irish Dance with Chip and Dale – Chaparral Theatre
1540 – Meet the Leprechauns – Cottonwood Creek Ranchimage1
1600 – Irish Musicians Trio – Cottonwood Creek Ranch
1640 – Meet the Leprechauns – Cottonwood Creek Ranch
1640 – Irish Pre Parade – Parade Route – DO NOT MISS!
1720 – Irish Musicians Trio – Cottonwood Creek Ranch
1955 – St Patricks Day Fireworks – Sleeping Beauty Castle – DO NOT MISS!
2130 – The Mahones (Celtic Rock) – Billy Bobs Western Saloon – DO NOT MISS!


Thursday, 18 December 2014

New Year Schedule 2014/2015 at Disneyland Paris!

Here is the Disneyland Paris – New Year Schedule as we received it! More to follow!




Disneyland Park

•1235 Frozen: A Royal Welcome – Join us as we welcome two special guests : Queen Elsa and Princess Anna!

•1300 Disney’s Christmas Parade

•1350 Frozen: A Royal Welcome  – Join us as we welcome two special guests : Queen Elsa and Princess Anna!

•1415 Disney’s Christmas Parade

•1515 Frozen: A Royal Welcome  – Join us as we welcome two special guests : Queen Elsa and Princess Anna!

•15h40 Disney’s Christmas Parade

•1710 Magical Christmas Wishes

•1745 Disney Dreams®! of Christmas

•1900 Disney Princess Promenade

•2030 Magical Christmas Wishes

•2200 Magical Christmas Wishes

•2359 Countdown…


•0000 Disney Dreams®! Of Christmas


Walt Disney Studios Park

•1930 – 2000 Disney’s Stars ‘n’ Cars…as never seen before*!  – An all-new Disney Stars’n’Cars with surprise guests who have come especially to celebrate New Year’s Eve with you!

•2030 – 2100 Disney’s Stars ‘n’ Cars…as never seen before! – An all-new Disney Stars’n’Cars with surprise guests who have come especially to celebrate New Year’s Eve with you!

•2100 – 2230 Lucky Dance Party (Backlot) – Come and join Lucky for his high-energy Dance Party. Learn how to do the latest dance steps in just 5mn and then admire the results as you are projected on to the giant video screen!

•2230 – 2359 Walt Disney Studios Midnight Party (Backlot) – It’s time to get your groove on with our talented musicians and singers who will have you dancing to their fabulous rhythms right up until the clock strikes twelve to welcome in the New Year!

•2359 Countdown…

•0000 The Happy-ever-after New Year’s Eve Spectacular! – Fireworks – A special magical tribute to Frozen movie will accompany an explosive high tech fireworks display and welcome the year 2015 with a blast!

•0005 – 0035 Walt Disney Studios Midnight Party (Backlot)


Disney Village

•0000 New Year fireworks – This year the sky above the Disney Lake will sparkle with icy colours and a magical musical medley to welcome in the new year 2015.

Let us know if you’ll be there!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Top ten tips for a busy Disneyland Paris day

So with Christmas Capacity Closures (CCC’s!) looming, where the parks are full to the literal brim, how exactly can you get the best out of your day?

1. Get there early! – We absolutely know that the time before 12pm is critical to getting more in, waits are low in the mornings!

2. Take a break over lunch, stroll round the village, maybe head back to the hotel for a short nap or a swim. 12-2pm its peak time – if you can be else where and still kept busy – do it! Panaromagique could be a nice (and cheap) distraction!

3. Avoid headline attractions – does it have the name Mountain? Probably best to skip it until late afternoon. Long waits ahead.

4. Enjoy the shows the parks offer, the parades, cinemagique, animagique, motors action stunt show – these all have monster capacities and play your cards right and you’ll only wait five or ten minutes.

5. Staying onsite? – Get the most out the parks with EVEN earlier access from Extra Magic Hours – a whole two hours for some popular attractions in the park before it opens to the public.

6. Hit the monster capacity attractions around mid day if you really need to ride – these queues are always moving and usually most interesting. Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of the Carribean, Star Tours, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror.

7. Explore some of the lesser known attractions to fill some time, never a wait, even at peak for the Aladdin walkthrough, the treehouse or Alice’s Curious Labyrinth – consider meeting Mickey Mouse, some magic keeps his waits reasonably low!

8. Find hidden Mickeys, search for the hidden treasures, ever noticed the snails on the spire of the castle? Ever noticed how closely some of the buildings resemble a certain pink castle?

9. Take a park tour, bookable from City Hall and running a few times a day, for €15 they are great for any Disney Parks fan.

10. Keep an eye on our live wait times and figure out your best and shortest move! –

Share your tips with us, comment here, or tweet us at @dlrproundup