Monday, 4 June 2018

App based character waits for Disneyland Paris

Straight from Disneyland Paris this morning:

In order to make the guest experience even more exceptional, guests will be able to reserve Meet’n’Greets with Disney Characters at several locations in Walt Disney Studios® Park via online reservations.

To take advantage of this new tool, guests should download the Lineberty app (see the QR code on Park maps to download – available on iOS and Android) to make their reservation. While they wait for their reserved slot, guests can enjoy other experience and attractions around our Disney Parks.

Their personalized wait time is available on the app, updated in real time. Guests will get a notification from the app or an SMS when it’s their turn. To access the meeting point, guests will show their digital ticket (on the app or via SMS).

From June 7, 2018, our guests can enjoy this new system to meet The Incredibles at Art of Disney Animation and Disney Characters at Toon Plaza.

From June 10 through September 30, 2018, during MARVEL Summer of Super Heroes, guests can also use this innovative tool to meet Captain America at Production Courtyard.

Simultaneously, a test will be run at Restaurant En Coulisse from June 7 through August 31, 2018: two cash registers will be for reservations only (between 11:45 am and 3:00 pm). These reservation-only cash registers will be indicated at the beginning of the queue. Guests will still be able to access other cash registers in the restaurant without reservations, and wait in line.

This exciting innovation for guests is in line with the Disneyland Paris innovative vision, and will soon be rolled out in Disneyland® Park, too.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Disney FanDaze – A Recap

FanDaze at Disneyland Paris had the most incredible launch.

Starting teasing months ago – billed as the number one fan event for a Disney Parks fan. FanDaze had a lot to live up to.

So what did we see?

– Oswald brought our Ortensia in a world’s first event for her big debut.

The ‘Shake your DuckTails’ parade had a short run of a one night season.

Max’s getting Goofy with it transformed the production courtyard into a massive and epic DJ set infront of a projection mapped Tower of Terror.

Tom Fitzgerald called Disneyland Paris and its castle the most beautiful in the world.

Catherine Powell told us Pirates and Princesses is back for 2019

There were a ton of super rare characters to meet throughout the park.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Tips and tricks at Disneyland Paris – Mastercard

Under the partnership between Mastercard and Disneyland Paris, Mastercard holders can enjoy advantages when they visit Disneyland Paris, subject to certain conditions.

These advantages are currently available and can be reserved on the day of the holder’s visit at City Hall (Disneyland Park) or Studio Services (Walt Disney Studios).

– Reserved places every day in a selection of available shows (depending on season and venue opening). Tickets are only available to be reserved for the same day at City Hall or Studio Services for one Mastercard holder of legal age (holder must be present and show ID), and up to four companions. This service is subject to availability and does not give priority access in the performance venue where the places have been reserved. One reservation per day and per cardholder.

– Any Mastercard holder who purchases a 5-hour (consecutive) VIP tour with his or her Mastercard will receive a sixth hour for free. To check availability or make a reservation, visit City Hall or Studio Services on the same day as you wish to complete the tour.

– Any Mastercard holder who purchases a Guided Tour with his or her Mastercard will be given direct access to the attraction of his or her choice (subject to availability) and seat reservations for one show (chosen from a list available daily to Mastercard holders). Valuable for any Mastercard holder of legal age with up to four companions. To check availability or make a reservation, visit City Hall or Studio Services on the same day as you wish to complete the tour and enjoy the attraction/show. Guided Tours are not private.

In all three cases, a Disney Parks ticket is required to enjoy these advantages.